The Ur System

In this section we shall discuss the various places and peoples within this story, as well as how they are governed. Since this is mainly for background and understanding for those reading the story, comparisons to Earth and other commonly known facts may be referenced.

This section will deal with the system of Ur.

The System of Ur:
     The solar system of Ur is fairly different from that of Aldeya. For starters, it is a binary system, with a smaller class M star orbiting around a central point with a class K star. Their orbital period is approximately 29 days. The are called 'Celestos' and 'Hadren'. The system only contains one true world, Ur, but the planet, larger than Earth at approximately 16,000 km in diameter, is surrounded by half a dozen moons, some big enough to retain a habitable atmosphere. Ur's surface is nearly 85% water with no large continents, but several large islands and many smaller island chains. Of it's six moons, the two capable of supporting life are known as 'Felds' and 'Dramora' and though they once had their own indigenous life forms, most has been wiped out and replaced by the dominant species of Ur. Both of these moons contain bodies of liquid water and are comfortable enough for the species of Ur to live with minimum protection.

     More details about Ur and it's moons will be forthcoming as needed.

The Races of Ur: