Links to Other Works

I've never written anything as ambitious as this project, but I have gotten a few things out there. While I may upload some of my other short stories at some point and link them here, for now I will link the stuff already online.

From 365 Tomorrows, a very cool website that publishes a new short story, 500 words or less, everyday of the year. Anyone can write and submit a story to the website, but only one is chosen a day. I went through a kick a few years ago and wrote and submitted several stories, these are the ones that made the cut.

The Tally
We All Fall Down
The End
A Hole in the Web
The Belly of the Beast

Not all of it is my best work... and there are a few that I would really like to expand and fix since there are a bunch of little things that bug me about them, but for having to cut some of them down bit to meet the word limit, they aren't all bad.

There were a few other things online, but I deleted the account I had that they were under, so alas, they are no more. Perhaps I'll find a place to upload them and share them later.

So I'm going to try and use Googledocs to publish some of the other things I've written. Keep in mind that a lot of these were done while I was in high school... and almost none of them have been edited, so they're kind of rough around the edges... Some are poems, others are short stories... a few probably haven't even been finished, but whatever.

They Glow Cherry Red
A Threat to the Empire
A Year of Change
Chain Letter
Beyond This Mortal Coil
The End - Revised
The Looped Man
Tragedy in Blue
Far Too Late
Life Like This
The Race
The Old People
Dark Side
Out of the Dark
Upon a Pier