So I've been using Fractal Terrains Pro to help me design the map for Aldeya and Ur since I am a terrible artist. I think they've turned out rather well though. The lines are obviously longitude and latitude. The first few are spherical views rotated to the east 60 degrees each time. Then there is the North and South poles and a full world view. The strange white lines are rivers if you're wondering.

Will add some more views zoomed into different regions and will also be adding details like cities and territory lines and what not. At least here you can see the general view. I am also working on Ur and hopefully will have that up soon too.

Aldeya Maps:
Lattitude: 0
Longitude: 0

Lattitude: 0
Longitude: 60

Lattitude: 0
Longitude: 120

Lattitude: 0
Longitude: 180

Lattitude: 0
Longitude:-120Lattitude: 0
Longitude: -60 South Pole
North Pole
World Map