The purpose of this blog is to create a different kind of writing experience. As work is uploaded and the story takes shape, it will be viewable to the public. This gives them the opportunity to comment and make suggestions as the story moves forward. It's a real time editing experience for the author and it gives the readers the ability to watch the story unfold. There will also be other pages, like this, where characters, settings and other parts of the book's world can be fleshed out. These will also change as time moves on and I get a better sense of where the story is going. I hope that you'll become a regular reader of this blog and help me create this world.

This is my first attempt at writing something like this, and I look forward to the experience. Since I'm a full time student who also works part-time the going may be slow, but I hope to keep at it and eventually see something take shape. The more helpful comments and encouragement I get the more I might be able to push forward.